My Gran Taylor, also better known as Gran T was born back in 1935. From being a child myself in the 1980’s, some of my earliest and happiest memories are times spent at Gran T’s house.

Being raised in a hard working family, it was often left to other family members to step in and help support and look after me and my brother. Most of the time this support came from Grandparents such as Gran T.

There are so many fun and happy memories that can be told from my time spent at Gran T’s house. From playing with board games or climbing the apple tree that grew in the garden.

Gran T sadly passed away in 2013. However, this is not an opportunity to be sad. Gran T may not be with us in person anymore but her kindness, simplicity, positivity, passion, strength, family spirit and her hospitality have stayed with me and my family. These key qualities and values have inspired me and have been the inspiration that has now become Gran T’s Coffee House.